Wtech is an international non-profit community for women leaders in tech and online business since 2018. The founders of Wtech are Viktoriya Tigipko (TA Ventures) and Viroslava Novosylna (Slova Tech PR - PR agency for Startups).

Community participants are:

1. Women founders of startups, leaders and executives in technology companies, women who code
2. Representatives of fintech, edtech, blockchain, cybersecurity, and other IT areas
3. Representatives of online, pure digital business and other businesses with a digital component

General Opportunities for Wtech members:

  • Networking and new business contacts
  • Support from mentors
  • Assisting in the development of community member's projects
  • Pitching projects and companies
  • Exchange of ideas for further development
  • Environment with new career opportunities
  • Calendar filled with exclusive events

Fill out the application form to become a member of the community.*

* All personal data provided will be used only for internal statistics and will not be passed on to third parties.

In case you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contacts us team@wtech.club.